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ورق A516 گرید 65

About ASTM A516 Steel Plate

ASTM A516 is standard of carbon steel plate. We Suggested you read this Content about it.

  • Thickness: 5-100mmASTM A516 Carbonsteel Plate standard
  • Length: 2m,2.44m,3m,6m,8m,12m or coil
  • Width: 10-3500mm
  • Application: Low-medium pressure vessel plate, Welded boiler plate
  • Supplementary Technology: Annealing, normalizing plus tempering; liquid quenching, accelerated cooling from austenitizing temperature, followed by tempering.
  • Surface: Black painted, PE coated, Galvanized, color coated, anti rust varnished, anti rust oiled, checkered, etc.
  • Delivery state: Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled
  • Steel Grade: Grade 60, Grade 65, Grade 70


Product Scope :

ASTM A516 steel plate of all grades with good performance; application fields of oil, gas and petrochemical industry, and in sour service and wet H2S applications are all covered. A516 specification covers carbon steel plates intended primarily for service in welded pressure vessels where improved notch toughness is important.

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According to different strength levels, plate products are available in four grades: Grades 55, 60, 65, 70.

All grades having minimum Tensile Strengths ranging of 55 ksi to 70 ksi, and are featured with good weld-ability and excellent notch toughness and are perfect for moderate and lower temperature services. It is mostly used in manufacturing large fabricators service in gas & oil plants.

A516 Steel Plate Chemical Composition:

ترکیب شیمیاییحداکثر درصدکربن متناسب
با ضخامت(mm)
درصد کربن متناسب با ضخامت (mm) حداکثر درصد سیلیسیومحداکثر درصد فسفرحداکثر درصد گوگرد
ASME A516 Gr
ASME A516 Gr 600.
ASME A516 Gr0.
ASME A516 Gr
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A516 Steel Plate Mechanical Property:

خواص مکانیکی ورق A516 از گرید 55- 70

خواص مکانیکیاستحکام کششی
حداقل تنش تسلیم
حداقل درصد افزایش طول
ASME A516 Gr55380 - 5152052723
ASME A516 Gr 60415 – 5502202521
ASME A516 Gr65450 – 5852402319
ASME A516 Gr70485 – 6202602117

A516 Steel Plate Equivalent steel grade:

If you are interested in buying ASTM A516 steel plate products, contact us now for the latest price or check the following table for equivalent steel grade of ASTM A516.

ASME ASTM DIN 17155 EN 10028 BS1501
Steel Grade Steel Grade Name Number
SA516Gr60 A516Gr60 HII P265GH 1.0425 161 430A
SA516Gr65 A516Gr65 17Mn4 P295GH 1.0481
SA516Gr70 A516Gr70 P355GH 224-490 A & B





ASTM A516 Grade 60

Pressure Vessel

T: 4.76 – 89.92 mm

W: Up to 3302.01 mm

L: Up to 25908.05 mm

ASTM A516 Grade 65 Pressure Vessel

T: 2.54 – 89.92 mm

W: Up to 3302.01 mm

L: Up to 25908.05 mm

ASTM A516 Grade 70 Pressure Vessel

T: 4.76 – 89.92 mm

W: Up to 3302.01 mm

L: Up to 25908.05 mm

ASTM/ASME A/SA 516 HIC Tested Steel Grades 60, 65, and 70 Pressure Vessel

T: 9.53 – 50.8 mm

W: Up to 3048.01 mm

L: Up to 15240.03 mm

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